In the spring of 2013, Covenant Academy made a giant leap forward in the overall growth and development of our Fine & Performing Arts Programs. For the first time in our school’s history, Covenant Academy unified the Fine & Performing Arts Faculty and Fine & Performing Arts class offerings as a separate Department with its own Administrative Department Chair. Additionally this included the design of our Covenant Academy Fine & Performing Arts Department Logo (created by Upper School Art Teacher, Tracy Wheeler) and the introduction of a dedicated Social Media outlet via the Covenant Academy Fine & Performing Arts Facebook page.

Being a Christian Classical School, Covenant recognizes the absolute necessity for students to embrace the communicable attributes of Truth, Goodness and Beauty that they share with their Creator, God; and to do so through the creative expression of the Fine & Performing Arts. 

Whether that is in Instrumental, or Vocal Music; the Theatre and Dramatic Performance; or the gift of expression given to the student to create through Art and Sculpture; Covenant Academy believes all students should embrace their creativity through the Fine & Performing Arts.

Covenant Academy has always had an exceptional Fine & Performing Arts program; but with the unity, leadership, and additional faculty members brought to the department, the program has taken tremendous steps forward in growth and achievement.

Lewis Watson

Director Of Fine Arts

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