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Christian Classical Education

As a Christian Classical school, Covenant is often asked what makes us different from other schools. Why a Christian Classical education?

Christ- Centered

At Covenant Academy, we believe a Christ-centered education includes not only a Christian environment where students are to be instructed with academic excellence, but an education that places Christ at the “center of all learning.” We cannot accomplish this by just adding a Bible curriculum or providing a religion class, but rather by integrating the Word of God, and placing it at the center of all curriculum (II Timothy 3:16-17). Therefore, in all its levels, programs, and teaching, we boldly acknowledge that all things come from our Creator and that every area of life must be subject to glorifying Him (Romans 11:36). We commit to providing a clear model of the Biblical Christian life (Matthew 22:37-40) while encouraging every student to begin and develop his relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (Matthew 19:13-15, 28:18-20).



Covenant Academy is committed to the development of a Classical educational model. By observing the stages of childhood development and being led by God's word of student’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and social development an organized methodology of instruction can be seen. Our curriculum has been developed in accordance with the three stages of the Trivium, the foundation of Classical education. The Trivium is divided into three stages that correspond to the natural development of children.

Grammar School (K3 - 6th grade)

The outstanding characteristic of the curriculum at this stage is its strength in core subjects. Our Language Arts centers on intensive phonics that promote the mastery of the basic components of the English language. This methodology not only teaches reading, which is so foundational to academic success, but it also teaches word analysis thus laying the foundation for higher level critical thinking skills. Coupled with our phonics program is an emphasis on grammar and writing; working together these components promote grammatical excellence in thought and expression. Latin is introduced in the fourth grade providing an understanding of the English language as well as the framework for deciphering the terminology of science and technology. The final aspect of the core curriculum is Saxon math, which integrates multi-sensory learning, memorization, and mental word problems with proven success.


Logic School (7th - 8th grade)

Covenant Academy continues to develop a quality academic curriculum for students at the Logic School.  At this point in their development, we seek to establish students in the laws of logic as they study Bible, history, science, English, mathematics, music, art, and computer technology. During this stage, students begin to question and desire to understand what they have been taught. The Logic School takes advantage of this natural inclination by introducing the rules of proper reasoning.


Rhetoric School (9th - 12th grade)

Why Christian Classical Education?

By integrating our Biblical worldview with the best in Classical education, we believe Covenant stands alone in providing a distinctively Christian Classical Education. While we recognize that other educational establishments may embrace the Classical methodology, we believe that their teaching is incomplete without a Christ-centered focus.

Classical Christian vs. Christian Education?

This video briefly explains the core difference between a Christian school and a Classical Christian school.

A Classical Christian Education

A Classical Christian Education

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Covenant Academy and Technology

Classical Christian schools are thoughtful about the
use of technology in the classroom.

Covenant Academy & Technology

Covenant Academy & Technology

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Classical Education Resources

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Christian Classical Education

Covenant Academy Offers AP/

Dual Enrollment Courses

The Rhetoric School is academically intensive in all disciplines.  We place a heavy emphasis on reading and writing as well as discussion and debate.  Students will take speech during this period of time, gaining the skills needed to articulate a clear viewpoint.  The culmination of the time spent in the Rhetoric School is seen in the Senior Seminar.  Seniors are required to write and verbally defend a thesis paper centered on a relevant topic of their choice.  This paper is presented to student peers as well as defended to a panel of faculty and staff.




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