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Christian parents have both an opportunity as well as an obligation to the Lord to raise their children in a way that is pleasing to Him. Our covenantal commitment to our families creates an educational environment that enables our parents to fulfill their God given obligation.

Our admissions policy requires that each prospective student have one parent who professes faith in Christ. This policy creates a school which is comprised of families who are "on the same page" spiritually. This fact alone, which differentiates us from all other schools in middle Georgia , is a huge benefit for the children and families of Covenant Academy.


In addition to our admissions policy, our entire curriculum is consistent with our covenantal commitment to our families. Our parents experience a unique peace which comes from their knowledge that the curriculum used by our faculty is consistent with their own Christian faith.


Another aspect of our covenantal commitment is our faculty itself. While being unparalleled in their abilities as professional educators, we believe they are also unparalleled in their personal commitment to Christ. Consequently, as they educate their students to become critical thinkers, our faculty does so in a way that exemplifies Christ!

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