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Building on the strength of our Grammar School, we continue to prepare our Logic (Middle) School students for academic excellence. At this point in their development,  we seek to establish students in the laws of logic as they study Bible, history, science, English, mathematics, and computer technology. During this stage students begin to question and desire to understand what they have been taught. The Logic School takes advantage of this natural inclination by introducing the rules of proper reasoning.


The Rhetoric (High) School is academically intensive in all disciplines. We place a heavy emphasis on reading and writing as well as discussion and debate. Students will take speech during this period of time gaining the skills needed to articulate a clear viewpoint. The culmination of the time spent in the Rhetoric School is seen in the Senior Seminar. Seniors are required to write and verbally defend a thesis paper centered on a relevant topic of their choice. This paper is presented to student peers as well as defended to a panel of faculty and staff.


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