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Any organization is only as good as the foundation it is built upon. Thus when Covenant Academy students begin their time in the Grammar School, a firm foundation in Music, Theater and the entire scope of the Performing Arts is what they receive. Our Grammar School music educator, works with all of our Grammar School students from Pre-K through 6th grade working on the fundamentals of Music. 

We believe in the child-development approach to the scope and sequence of music education. This introduces musical skill sets in accordance with the capabilities of the child at their level of development and understanding. This methodology to Music Pedagogy is in perfect sync with the Grammar School phase of the Classical Education model as new concepts are introduced beginning with what is easiest for the child and progressing to the more difficult. 

The concepts taught are reviewed and reinforced through not only classroom games, movement, songs, and exercises; but with two musical style theatrical productions presented by the entire Grammar School student body. One for the Thanksgiving or Christmas season, and one for our Grandparents Day celebration as we honor our Grandparents who have such a dynamic impact on all the families here at Covenant Academy.


Katie Kopp

Grammar School Music

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