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Each year, Covenant Academy’s best and brightest students in our Rhetoric School audition for the opportunity to represent CA at Regional Literary Competition with the hope of moving onto State Competition. Faculty members from across our Arts and Academics disciplines sponsor the nominees through training, coaching and mentorship in order to prepare for competition. Literary Competition includes the following events:










Covenant Academy has had an exceptional history in Literary Competition with multiple Region and State Championships in a variety of categories! 



  • Girls’ Vocal Solo

  • Boys’ Vocal Solo

  • Girls’ Vocal Trio

  • Boys’ Vocal Quartet

  • Piano Soloist

  • Spelling Competition

  • Personal Essay

  • Argumentative Essay

  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  • Dramatic Oral Interpretation

  • Humorous Oral Interpretation

  • Duo Oral Interpretation

  • Extemporaneous Speaking-
    • U.S.
    • International



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